Juniper Firewall TroubleShooting Command

-. 주니퍼 방화벽 장비를 사용하는데 있어 사용되는 ScreenOS 명령어 입니다.
    문제 발생시에 사용되는 명령어로써 장비 정보확인을 하는데 있어 기본/유용한
    명령어 입니다.


Trouble Shooting Command for Juniper Firewalls (ScreenOS)

Session & Interface counters  
get session  
get interface  
get counter stat  
get couter stat <interface>  
clear counter stat  
Debug & Snoop  
debug flow basic creates debugs in detail file name : /var/log/security-trace
more info-debug flow basic
set ff Packet-drop is a feature that will be added
get ff  
get debug  
get db stream monitor stop' stops real-time view , but debugs are still collected in log files
clear db Use 'file delete <filename> to actually delete file>
undebug <debug> (stops collecting debugs) Deactivate makes it easier to enable/disable.
Use activate traceoptions to activate.
undebug all  
debug ike detail creates debugs in default file name: kmd
snoop (packets THRU the JUNOS device) Not supported on SRX 3x00/5x00 yet
snoop (packets TO the JUNOS device) Only captures traffic destined for the RE of router itself.
Excludes PING .
Event Logs  
get event  
get event | include <string>
Note: There is not an equivalent command for 'get event include <string>'.
match displays only the lines that contains the string
find displays output starting from the first occurrence of the string
clear event  
Config & Software upgrade  
get config  
get license  
get chassis (serial numbers) show chas environment
show chas routing-engine
unset all more info-unset all
load config from tftp <tftp_server><configfile> TFTP is not supported. USE only FTP.HTTP or SCP
load software from tftp <tftp_server><screenosimage> to flash TFTP is not supported. USE only FTP.HTTP or SCP
Use 'request system software rollback' to rollback to previous s/w package
get policy  
get policy from <zone> to <zone>  
get ike cookie  
get sa  
clear ike cookie  
clear sa  
get nsrp  
exec nsrp vsd <vsd> mode backup (on master) see KB5885  
get dhcp client  
exec dhcp client <int> renew  
get route  
get route ip <ipaddress>  
get vr untrust-vr route  
get ospf nei  
set route int <int> gateway <ip>  
get vip  
get mip  
get dip  
get perf cpu  
get net-pak s  
get file  
get alg  
get service  
get tech  
set console page 0 

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