Technical Note: FortiAnalyzer SQL database delete and rebuild
FortiAnalyzer v5.0
FortiAnalyzer v5.2
Occasionally an upgrade does not correctly update the SQL database and reporting will cease to function properly due to missing/misnamed columns and/or indexes.

“exec sql-local rebuild-db” is the first option, but if that does not resolve the issue then deleting and rebuilding of the database is the next step.

Remove and re-create the SQL db:

1) Change operation mode to collector

config system global
set log-mode collector

2) Disable SQL and remove the current database

config system sql
set status disable

execute sql-local remove-db

3) Re-enable SQL

config system sql
set status local

4) Change operation mode back to analyser

config system global
set log-mode analyzer

5) Rebuild database

exec sql-local rebuild-db


(1) The rebuild-db command causes the unit to reboot and the rebuild starts when the unit comes back up.

(2) Use the command 'diag sql status rebuild-db' to show the status of the rebuild.

(3) The time required to rebuild the database depends on the amount of logs stored on the unit.

(4) Although this procedure does not remove any log files it is recommended to backup log files beforehand as a precaution.

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