Resetting a lost Fortigate Admin Password

If you have lost the admin password for a Fortigate you can reset it if you have physical access to the box.
  • Connect the console cable to the Fortigate and fire up your favorite terminal emulator
  • Reboot the firewall unit.
  • At the console login prompt, type in "maintainer" as the userid.
  • Type in bcpbFGTxxxxxxxxxxxxx as the password. xxxxxxxxxxxxxwill be the S/N of the Fortigate. The serial number is case sensitive so for example you should use FGT60B, not FGT60b.
  • After logging in, change the admin password:
config system admin
edit admin
set password 

Heads up: You have to type the userid and password within a few seconds of the login prompt first appearing. If you take too much time you should reboot the firewall again.


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    포티게이트 Password Recovery 방법입니다.

    1. console 접속하여 장비 리부팅 후 로그인 화면 출력
    2. 로그인시 ID: maintaner, Password: bcpb<장비시리얼번호>
    3. 장비 접속후 접속자 계정 패스워드 변경 후 로그아웃
    4. 재접속

    + 주의사항
    - ID 및 Password가 틀렸을시 포티게이트 리부팅이 필요
    - 로그인시 부팅후 1~2분내로 접속하여하며 그렇지 못했을시 리부팅이 필요

  1. Power off the device by pressing the power button on the front panel and reboot the device.
  2. Turn on the power to the management device.
  3. Power on the device by pressing the power button on the front panel. Verify that the POWER LED on the front panel turns green.The terminal emulation screen on your management device displays the device’s boot sequence.
  4. When the autoboot is completed, press the spacebar a few times to access the bootstrap loader prompt.
  5. At the following prompt, enter boot -s to start up the system in single-user mode.
    loader>boot -s
  6. At the following prompt, enter recovery to start the root procedure.
  7. Enter full pathname of shell or 'recovery' for root password recovery or RETURN for /bin/sh: recovery
  8. Enter configuration mode in the CLI.
  9. Set the root password. For example:
    user@host# set system root-authentication plain-text-password

    For more information about configuring the root password, see the System Basics Configuration Guide.

  10. At the following prompt, enter the new root password. For example:
    New password: juniper1
    Retype new password:
  11. At the second prompt, reenter the new root password.
  12. If you are finished configuring the network, commit the configuration.
    root@host# commit
    commit complete
  13. Exit configuration mode in the CLI.
  14. Exit operational mode in the CLI.
  15. At the prompt, enter y to reboot the device.
    Reboot the system? [y/n] y