Juniper Firewall Transparent mode config (Example)

set interface vlan1 ip
set interface vlan1 manage web
set interface vlan1 manage telnet
set interface vlan1 manage ssh
set interface vlan1 manage ping

set interface ethernet0/1 ip
set interface ethernet0/1 zone v1-trust
set interface ethernet0/3 ip
set interface ethernet0/3 zone v1-untrust

V1-Trust Zone
set zone v1-trust manage web
set zone v1-trust manage telnet
set zone v1-trust manage ping

set address v1-trust FTP_Server
set address v1-trust Mail_Server

set vrouter trust-vr route interface vlan1 gateway metric 1

set policy from v1-trust to v1-untrust any any any permit
set policy from v1-untrust to v1-trust any Mail_Server mail permit

set policy from v1-untrust to v1-trust any FTP_Server ftp-get permit