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The ISG Series Integrated Security Gateways are ideally suited for securing enterprise, carrier, and data enter environments where advanced applications, such as VoIP and streaming media, demand consistent, scalable performance. The Juniper Networks ISG1000 and ISG2000 Integrated Security Gateways are purpose-built security solutions that leverage a fourth-generation security ASIC, along with high-speed microprocessors to deliver unmatched firewall and VPN performance.
Integrating best-in-class firewall, VPN, and optional Intrusion Detection and Prevention, the ISG1000 and ISG2000 enable secure, reliable connectivity along with network-and applicationlevel protection for critical, high-traffic network segments.

Product Description
The Juniper Networks® ISG1000 and ISG2000 Integrated Security Gateways are
fully integrated firewall/VPN systems that offer multi-gigabit performance, modular
architecture and rich virtualization capabilities. They are an ideal security solution for large
enterprise, data center and service provider networks.
The ISG Series Integrated Security Gateways are firewall/VPN-based systems that deliver
security features such as intrusion prevention system (IPS), antispam, Web filtering,
and Internet Content Adaptation Protocol (ICAP) antivirus redirection support. The
advanced system is further expandable with optionally integrated Intrusion Detection and
Prevention (IDP) or as a General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) firewall/VPN for mobile
network service provider environments.
The ISG Series modular architecture enables deployment with a wide variety of copper
and fiber interface options. Highly flexible segmentation and isolation of traffic belonging
to different trust levels can be achieved using advanced features such as virtual systems,
virtual LANs, and security zones. The ISG Series Integrated Security Gateways allow
multiple, separate firewall inspection or routing policies to simplify network design. This
enables the enforcement of security policies to traffic streams—even in highly complex
environments—without significant impact on the network itself.
The flexibility and efficiency offered by the ISG Series architecture provides state-ofthe-
art performance and best-in-class functionality as a firewall/VPN or integrated
firewall/VPN/IDP solution with optional security modules. The ISG1000 supports up to
two security modules, while the ISG2000 can support up to three security modules. The
security modules maintain their own dedicated processing and memory, and incorporate
technology designed to accelerate IDP packet processing. This reduces the number of
separate security devices and management applications, and simplifies deployment effort
and network complexity. The result is higher cost savings.
The ISG Series with IDP utilizes the same award-winning software found on Juniper
Networks IDP Series Intrusion Detection and Prevention Appliances. The IDP security
module supports multi-method detection, combining eight different detection
mechanisms—including stateful signatures and protocol anomaly detection. In addition
to helping businesses defend against security threats such as worms, trojans, malware,